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Wheelchair Transport

Wheelchair Transport Service

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Bodhi wheeler serves the needs of clientele in Singapore.Since 2014, we have been committed to being the best at what we do.We have Wheelchair Transport Vehicles (Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles / Wheelchair Taxi), each is equipped with either a hydraulic lift, have helped to offer affordable wheelchair transport services for Singapore’s physically challenged individual and elderly, not only for their essential rides but also for their social activities. Our wheelchair transport service is gaining fast popularity not just because of the affordability and also our good services and emphasize on safety. All wheelchairs onboard are secured by safety restraints to ensure the wheelchair will stay put in the event that an emergency brake is applied. Our highly-trained drivers are always on the lookout for the passenger’s safety. With this in mind their services are regularly audited to uphold our service standards.

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We offer point to point service for Wheelchair Transport

Our Services

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Medical Appointment

Our drivers will ensure you are on time for your medical appointment, in addition you are able to avoid the hassle of getting in/out of a normal taxi.

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Dialysis Center

Regular Dialysis is taking a toll on your mental and monetarily health, however with our wheelchair transport you are not paying too much for your regular trips to Dialysis Center.

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Rehabilitation Center

Recovery is a long difficult path and for this reason we are here to provide a safe, comfortable and reliable wheelchair ride to your Singapore rehabilitation center.

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Medical Escort

Our Singapore Medical Escorts are able to provide medical care. However, we hope that you can accompany your loved one as we cannot replace your absence.

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Daycare Center

Our top priority is your loved one's safety, that is to say our drivers have the right experience making sure the wheelchair user is properly secure even though it can be just a short ride in our wheelchair transport

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Charter / Hourly

Our charter wheelchair transport is available for the duration you book. Not to mention you can bring five caregivers. At the same time, you may visit as many places as possible into Singapore.

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Social Event

To parties, weddings, concerts, special family gathering. Visits to religious institutions (church, temple & mosque etc.)
Or just going out to enjoy yourself.

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Airport, Hotels & Cruise Centers,
Local Transfers

Departure from Hotel to Airport / Cruise Center.
Arrival Pick up from Airport / Cruise Center.

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Singapore Day Trips

Singapore is a city in Southeast Asia that combines the best of the old and the new with so many exciting things to see. Just need to book a ride with us.

Here are some of the reasons to

Why choose us


Wheelchair passenger can get in and out of the vehicle without getting out of their wheelchair.


Caregiver’s Physical and Emotional burden is greatly reduced by not needing to carry the wheelchair passenger.


4-point locking mechanism to ensure that the wheelchair is secured safely in place.

mobility vehicle

Our assisted mobility vehicles are purpose build vehicles for wheelchair passengers which are equipped for enhanced comfort and safety.

Check Transport fares

wheelchair Transport Price List

Please book our wheelchair transport to enjoy the best rate in town!

  • One Way Wheelchair Ride<5km:
  • One Way Wheelchair Ride <15km:
  • One Way Wheelchair Ride <25km:
  • One Way Wheelchair Ride >25km:
  • Charter / Hourly:
    Min. 2 hours applies
    $50 / hr
  • Medical Escort Service:
    Min. 3 hours applies
    $20 / hr
  • Urgent Booking Surcharge:
    Booking on the same day or making any last minute changes applies.
    Advance booking is encouraged to avoid this surcharge.
  • Extra Caregiver:
    Having > 2 caregivers is chargeable
  • Second Wheelchair User:
  • Airport Arrival:
  • Terms and Condition :
    * The above price quoted are exclusive of surcharge and ERP charges.
    *Booking less than 48 hours starts from $45


  • Public Holidays:
    $5 - $60
  • Non Office Hours:
    $10 - $30
  • Waiting (Every 15 minutes):
  • Every extra stop <3km:
  • Every extra stop>3km:
  • Door to door service:
    For your convenience, yet we do not go into your house.
    $15 / Trip
  • Wheelchair Rental
    Using our wheelchair.
    $10 / Trip