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Is this an ambulance service?

No. We are providing non-emergency point to point transport service for wheelchair users and elderly. For non emergency ambulance service, you can call 1777.

For dialysis transport, what is your procedure?

We will pick the patient at the pick up point of his residential, send him to the dialysis centre and hand him over to the triage personnel at the entrance. There shall be no physical contact between the patient and the driver.

For picking up, the patient has to be ready in the wheelchair at the scheduled time. The driver may only hold on the wheelchair for the patient to get into wheelchair on his own or with the support of the medical staff.

When do you provide the wheelchair transport details?

The evening before the service date.

Do you accept phone / whatsapp booking?

We do accept phone/ whatsapp booking.

I only want to pay cash, how?

We accept cash or paynow.

I have to make a last minute cancellation, is there any charges?

We will decide on a case by case basis.

Do you provide door to door pickup?

Yes. $15 per trip. We will not go into the flat / apartment.

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